The Arrival of the Last-Minute Traveler

If you think you know everything there is to know about today’s leisure traveler, think again.

A significant number of vacationers are no longer planning and booking their trips months in advance. A younger, more tech-savvy and spontaneous traveler has arrived and they’re not afraid to wait for the right deal or time to book their vacation. According to new research from Hoffman York, a full-service advertising agency that specializes in travel and tourism, 4 in 10 travelers plan and book their vacations within two weeks of departure. In fact, many of these “last-minute travelers” do so just one week before hitting the road, rail or runway.

So, why are so many people waiting to book their trips until the last minute? What else do we know about this new-age traveler, this procrasti-cationer™? Our research digs into this potential travel trend and provides four marketing tips for travel and hospitality marketers to reach last-minute travelers. This group represents a significant number of trips taken and dollars spent, especially when taking into consideration the U.S. Travel Association reports that nearly 2 billion vacations accounting for more than $1 trillion dollars were spent on domestic and International travel last year.

Download our white paper to learn who the last-minute traveler is, where they are going and their preferred mode of transportation. Find out how they book their travel, where they stay when they get there and why it pays to reach them after they’ve arrived. 

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