Go Fish

Hoffman York helps build brands for companies like: Wahl Clippers, the State of Montana, Yamaha Outboards, Napoleon Grills, and yes, even for ourselves. As part of that branding effort, our “consumer-facing” philosophy is represented each day in our work, in our people and most notably, in our new space.

The windows of our office in the Third Ward provide passersby just a glimpse of what’s going on inside. These days, strong brands value transparency. We are no exception. Literally, and figuratively.

In keeping with our brand efforts and our Return on Ideas (we call it RO!), we looked to marry a contemporary design with an appropriate quote to place in our front window for all the world to see. It celebrates the importance of strong ideas and works well on a unique aluminum backdrop. 

We are also inspired by the following quote from the incomparable director and writer, David Lynch.

“Ideas are like fish.
If you want to catch a little fish, 
You can stay in the shallow water.

But if you want to catch a big fish, 
You’ve got to go deeper.”

We are now located on the corner of Water and Chicago streets in Milwaukee. Check out our window or better yet, visit us.