Great Products for a Great Cause: Wahl Dirty Dogs

First impressions are everything for shelter dogs. As prospective families wander down the rows of puppy dog eyes, they peer into each kennel and make split-second decisions on each potential pup. Some shelter dogs are a little ruff around the edges--they’re scared and possibly ill-mannered or… what’s that smell? Three out of four animals that enter a shelter need to be groomed. Just like people, when dogs are bathed, groomed and clean, they feel better, they look better and they show better for that crucial first impression. Hoffman York created Dirty Dogs back in 2012 for Wahl and the launch of their new pet shampoo and wet goods line. The award-winning campaign was designed to demonstrate the power and value of dog grooming. How a bath and a trim can change the lives of thousands of dogs.

Now, after seven years of success, sales of Wahl’s pet products have more than doubled. As a result of Dirty Dogs, Wahl has donated $155,000 in cash grants and product donations, bathed more than 100,000 dogs and helped thousands of dogs find their forever homes.

How does it work?

Shelters and rescues nationwide submit before and after pictures along with a short story about the dog’s rescue. From there, HY and Wahl select 10 of the most dramatic transformations. The rest is up to the public. After two weeks of voting, we tally up the votes to crown a winner. This year, Crinolin, who received over 17,000 votes was the winner with her California animal rescue given a $5,000 grant for future rescue efforts.

The results ‘speak’ for themselves

While the dogs made their first impressions, Wahl earned some impressions too—412 million in 2018. The story of Dirty Dogs was picked up by several publications including Parade, Pet Age, Mother Nature NetworkThe Dogington Post, The Animal Rescue Site and more. Wahl’s social media channels promoted the contest and encouraged users to vote for their favorite makeover. This year, 48,000 animal-loving Facebook users cast their votes for one of the top 10 Dirty Dogs makeovers

Wahl’s products are more than just a shampoo or a clipper, they stand for something bigger. Over the last seven years, HY has worked to position Wahl as a pet industry leader and supporter of shelter dog adoptions.

To learn more about how Hoffman York has marketed Wahl and their products to pet-lovers, click, click, click here. Interested in taking your brand from bow to wow? Send us an email at [email protected].

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