HY Announces New Engagement with Catalyst

Hoffman York is now working with Catalyst Exhibits on several B2B initiatives.

For more than 20 years, Catalyst has been creating dynamic exhibits to increase traffic and drive results for brands during events. Chemically speaking, a catalyst is a material that accelerates a chemical reaction. Catalyst Exhibits is known for a similar intense acceleration not for chemicals, but for brands.

In the business of business-to-business, Catalyst has accelerated brands like Dell, Abbott, Mitsubishi Materials and more. With their full-service management, innovative design and in-house fabrication, Catalyst creates consistent and measurable results for their clients. They were recently featured in Event Marketer’s 2017 Fab 50 which celebrates the industry’s top exhibit builders each year.

Catalyst enlisted Hoffman York to target brand decision makers using both traditional and digital media. First, HY helped design a new website for Catalyst, providing templates that highlighted the full-service capabilities and diverse case studies. Then, using HY’s internal self-serve demand-side-platform, HY Trade Desk, digital banners were created and placed using real-time bidding and concise targeting options. Through Trade Desk, HY was able to select trade shows across the country and target attendees before, during and after the show all with carefully selected banner copy. HY also produced an engaging video direct mailer that visually demonstrated Catalyst’s leadership to the key decision makers and offered a direct contact to learn more.

“Getting the attention of senior level executives who make exhibit decisions isn’t easy. We are taking some innovative new approaches that will allow Catalyst to break through and make a powerful and lasting impression on these executives,” said Troy Peterson, CEO of Hoffman York. “We are very excited to be working with Catalyst not only as a client. We are also excited to have a working relationship with Catalyst that allows us to collaborate on client requirements in the trade show and event spaces.”

“Working with a fully integrated agency like Hoffman York has made marketing so much easier for us,” said Jim Roots, Chief Operating Officer of Catalyst Exhibits. “We’re very impressed with the work HY has done for Catalyst so far and we look forward to what the future holds.”

About Hoffman York

For more than 80 years, Hoffman York has been developing integrated marketing campaigns for B2B and B2C clients nationwide. Hoffman York is a full-service independent advertising and marketing communications agency headquartered in Milwaukee offering a full suite of award-winning services, including advertising, digital strategy and development, research and analytics as well as earned, social and paid media.

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