HY Celebrates a Peng-Win with Two Gold Addy Awards

Just in time for World Penguin Day, we’re pleased to announce our very own peng-win — two gold Addy awards. The TV spot titled “The Perfect Gift” features two adorable penguins searching for, you guessed it, the perfect gift. This spot aired during the 2017 holiday season to promote The Wisconsin Lottery’s newest $15 scratch off game, Peng-Win Countdown.

Now, for some behind-the-scenes insights on our award-winning spot. Yes, the penguins were real and their names were Mama and Papa. These African Black-Footed Penguins, native to South Africa, came to us from an animal park in The Wisconsin Dells.  While shooting took place over two nights, from roughly sunset to sundown, there were no reports that the penguins requested only blue M&M’S®, a special trailer or personal trainers.

You would never know, but this winter wonderland was shot on a 60-degree October night. The special effects team made the snow, real snow, pumping over 800 pounds of powder per minute. This same special effects team created the snow for “Transformers 3,” “Contagion,” “The Guardian,” “The Vow,” “Shameless” and many more.

The Addy’s were presented at Madison’s 50th American Advertising Award Show and included:

Gold- Regional/National- Single Spot up to 2 minutes

Gold- Cinematography

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