HY Sheds Light on the Outdoor Kitchen Market

With more than 20 years of experience in the home building, products and services arena, you could say we know our way around the kitchen.  A few years ago, we were among the first to conduct extensive research on indoor kitchen purchase dynamics.  So, we were particularly interested in the recent growth of outdoor kitchens.

To explore the ins and ‘outs’ of this trend and how consumers view, use and buy outdoor kitchens, we surveyed 240 homeowners nationwide. Respondents either had an outdoor kitchen or were considering adding one in the near future. Here are the highlights of what we learned:

Indoor vs. outdoor kitchens

More than 80% of consumers describe their outdoor kitchen as an entertainment space and their indoor one as more of a functional space. This is further supported by how people use and design their outdoor kitchens. Most use it for socializing and therefore incorporate more than just food preparation appliances and products in the overall design.

Most important features

The component deemed most essential to the outdoor kitchen is none other than the built-in grill (78%). While that may seem only natural, the rest of the list goes well beyond cooking appliances to include a seating area, refrigeration, sink with running water, overhead lighting and table.

Most loved features

While fountains and fireplaces aren’t necessarily the first things that come to mind when you think of outdoor kitchens, they’re a few of the unique features people love most about their outdoor kitchens and why they consider them more fun than functional. Built-in grills, pizza ovens and pools also made the love list.

Wish list

What are those things most people did not include in their outdoor kitchens but wish they had? First on the list is a pizza oven (79%) followed by stove (61%), built-in grill (58%), sink with running water (45%), deck (44%) and bar (37%).

The bottom line is that consumers view and use their outdoor kitchens much differently than indoor ones -- one is an experience, the other is more of a room. To learn more about consumer demographics, owner satisfaction, how they select a contractor, their budget expectations and overall satisfaction, request a copy of our 2015 Outdoor Kitchens Report.  Our research was also the basis of a feature article in the September issue of Qualified Remodeler.

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