Return on Ideas in Practice

Napoleon is Canada’s leading brand of fireplaces and Hoffman York is helping the company rapidly gain share in the U.S. market. To bring to life Napoleon’s new positioning about enhancing life’s memorable moments, we conducted primary research with homeowners to find out what makes a room a ‘hot spot.’

Finding the Idea

It is the first comprehensive examination of consumer’s emotional connections with various areas of their home.  The findings generated quite a few ‘ideas’ that can help architects, designers, builders and remodelers create positive ‘hot spots’ for their customers. For example, certain unique design elements, like a fireplace, can increase positive attitudes about that room. What’s more, those attitudes transfer to the builder, contractor and designer, which in turn help them sell more homes.

Executing the Idea

Hoffman York and Napoleon didn’t stop with the study. We put the ideas into practice and partnered with highly acclaimed and award-winning architect, Wayne Visbeen, to create a ‘hot spots’ design guide for building professionals. The 62-page book offers design ideas on how to create ‘hot spots’ in a variety of spaces throughout the home.

Unveiling the Idea

This ground-breaking study was first introduced at the 2017 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas. The Napoleon booth echoed the concept of ‘hot spots’ across architectural styles and was one of the most memorable booths of the show. Visbeen and HYs Dave Brown presented the research and implications to an eager audience of designers, architects and planners at IBS and the rollout and marketing of the program continues with additional presentations at industry events.

Getting to a Return

Besides the positive energy created at IBS, Napoleon has been actively engaged with new sales opportunities and relationships resulting from the study and design guide. Just one month has passed since the initial presentation, so the ROI will continue to increase in the months and years to come. 

A research project targeted at a need in the home design and construction/remodeling space is accelerating Napoleon’s growth in the U.S. That’s the best Return on Idea: Success for our client. 

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