Wisconsin Lottery



Wisconsin Lottery realized their existing website’s layout and architecture had existed for several years and were in need of updating. Hoffman York was asked to build a redesigned website with the key goals of delivering a modern, responsive website that is easy to use regardless of device. We used a content management system that is scalable and easy for administrators to manage.

Wisconsin Lottery website home page

We built a website that is more intuitive for end users to find information about games, winning lottery numbers, prize winners, and address any other questions they may have.

Wisconsin Lottery website navigation menu

On Jackpot landing pages, we added an interactive “check your numbers” tool, along with subtle micro-interactions to catch a user's eye.

Wisconsin Lottery website Megabucks Page

And because user needs are different, we set up a comprehensive FAQ page to help further inform players about the Lottery.

Wisconsin Lottery website FAQ page

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