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Yamaha Outboards have gained share in every category during the course of our twenty-year partnership. Yamaha quality and reliability – the hallmarks of our advertising – have translated into sales growth for dealers and higher levels of satisfaction for owners, year after year. 


When you choose a Yamaha outboard, the incredible reliability means you’ll be together for a long, long time. So, to help folks choose just the right model, the website is chock full of engineering details, insightful illustrations and helpful videos.


An outboard is an emotional, but also, a very rational purchase. Our catalog format lets people dive into engineering details like throttle response and plasma-fused cylinders. At Yamaha, those little details make a big difference.

Social Media

Spending time on the water is really about building great memories with family and friends. Yamaha got people to share classic memories and photos with the #YamahaClassicContest on social media. The winner got a trip to the 2016 Bassmaster Classic.

Banner Ads

Bigger boats can create bigger stress when trying to dock them safely. Yamaha created a game-changing innovation called Helm Master® that used a joystick rather than traditional throttle controls. A rich media execution lets users try the functionality within the banner ad.

Trade Show

Helm Master® was a totally new experience in docking a boat. To build excitement and trial at the Miami Boat Show, we created a kiosk with a full-size joystick control and interactive video animation.

Direct Mail

Helm Master was designed for larger boats –– which also requires a larger investment. Direct mail was an efficient way to target this narrow demographic of experienced, more upscale boaters.


Today, people own their boats longer than ever before. So, maintenance is a key part of the ownership cycle. Yamaha created an easy-to-follow online guide including a Pre-Launch Checklist that let users digitally note the steps they had finished.

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