Always cultivating our culture


Leftovers eaten


Glass walls walked into


Kegs drank


Candles burned (both ends)

how we work

with others

Our open office space fosters a collaborative culture and allows ideas to bounce across the room with ease. Yeah, Team HY has its share of superstars, but we check egos at the door and play the game collaboratively, with one another and with clients. It’s how our ideas score big.

with agility

Like great athletes, we don’t run, we sprint. We set goals and aren’t afraid to climb as high as is needed to reach them. Clients appreciate how we stretch past limits to get you the results you need. The goal is to cross the finish line first (and hope we don’t pull something along the way).

with creativity

To get the best ideas, you’ve got to dig deep. It’s how we uncover unique ways to tell your story. Our philosophy is simple: You can’t bore people into buying your product or service. Here, ideas are king. And there’s no riskier approach than to play it safe.

with transparency

We’re honest — and don’t keep our clients in the dark. We believe in open communication and working together. There’s a reason our office has glass walls. What you see is what you get, and we guarantee you’ll like it—just make sure you watch where you step.

with strategy

The blueprint. The game plan. The return in RO!. Whatever you call it, we pursue goals with purpose. What good is a rudderless ship? Here we like to go from A to B and all the way to Z, and along the way, we ensure the journey is amazing, enlightening, and dare we say fun?

with focus

We’re quick to kick into work mode. We fuel our minds with morning joes and lunchtime jogs. We don’t just get work done, and do it exceptionally. We believe in being focused, because it helps us to spot the target audience, it helps with our messaging and it helps create results.



Logos made bigger


Out of town client trips


Word "ideation" used this week


x times "circle back" muttered