What the Best Super Sunday Ads Have in Common

Each year, there are winners and there are losers—on the field and during the commercial breaks. We used research from USA Today to identify consumers’ favorites and AdWeek for the advertisers’ top picks. We then analyzed each of these 10 spots based on 10 criteria. Lastly, we pulled the common denominators to create these top four criteria for a #1 Big Game spot. What did we learn?

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5 Travel Predictions for 2019

Many 2019 tourists aren’t tourists yet. They are looking, but may not be booking thus far. What do today’s travel marketers need to know to get these would-be visitors to pay them a visit? Here are five trends travel and tourism marketers need to consider in 2019.   

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Digital Producer

As a Digital Producer, you will be responsible for the day-to-day management of various digital projects, including but not limited to site redesigns, online tools and digital advertising campaigns.  If you are a tech savvy professional who has an in-depth understanding of digital ecosystems, and you have experience managing and delivering digital projects that are strategically aligned with business goals, on time and within budget, you belong the Hoffman York digital team.

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Senior Social Media Strategist

As a Senior Social Media Strategist, you will use your experience connecting brands with customers on social media to manage clients and projects ranging from boating and grooming to travel and leisure. You will be responsible for developing strategies and plans, working closely with support staff and other marketing departments within the agency to ensure campaigns are strategically aligned, on time and on budget.

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