We like interns. A lot. And contrary to what you may have heard about most internships, our interns don’t come here to make copies or fetch coffee. (Unless they need to make themselves copies and get themselves some coffee.) Our interns get a deep dive in their respective departments. They contribute. They do real work for real clients. They make friends. Some get hired. And hold on to your hat – they also get paid.

It’s why Hoffman York internships are always in high demand. Think you’ve got the stuff? Let’s see. If you’re an undergrad, submit a resume with an attached cover letter. And let us know which department interests you, keeping mind that not every department will have interns this summer. Here are the choices:

EARNED MEDIA (PR): Gain experience identifying target media, developing press materials, managing projects, reporting and merchandising results and more.

PAID MEDIA: Help strategically plan and buy paid advertising across all media types to help clients reach target audiences.

PAID SOCIAL MEDIA: Assist with paid social management, reporting and analytics on social media platforms and campaign recap presentations for clients.

CONTENT WRITER: Assist in the overall development of both short-form and long-form writing including social media content calendars, blog posts and more.

CONTENT DESIGNAssist in the creation of animations, illustrations and video editing for social media, digital and traditional media.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Design a wide array of initiatives for internal and client projects.

DIGITAL DESIGN: Assist in designing and developing interactive media.

ADVERTISING COPYWRITER: Help the Creative Department craft messaging across numerous platforms.

CLIENT SERVICES: Assist in delivering on-time and on-budget projects for clients.

FINANCE: Gain valuable experience assisting on billings and payables.

STRATEGY/ANALYTICS: Dig into data and assist on campaign and website reporting/analysis.

Say hello.