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During our partnership, Integrative Therapeutics has successfully rebranded, experienced double-digit sales growth and opened new customer categories through research and targeted direct mail. 


In calculus, the integral brings all of the elements of a formula together on a single plane. We chose the integral as the icon for the new logo. It represents Integrative’s partnership with healthcare practitioners, helping to tie all elements of a thriving practice together. The rebrand is summed up by the new tagline: Cultivate Healthy Practices.

Lead Generation

In the world of direct mail marketing, a 2% response rate is generally considered the norm. By comparison, our attention-getting direct mail efforts often shatter that threshold. In fact, one of our offers generated an astounding response rate of 8%.


Integrative needed a new, user-friendly website for healthcare practitioners that would be both an informational resource and a place to shop for products. With research studies, patient treatments and e-commerce capabilities, became a go-to destination.


With several legacy sub-brands and different looks within its existing product line, Integrative Therapeutics needed consistency, coherence and instant recognizability. Hoffman York created a new category architecture and packaging design with a clean, professional identity.

Media Strategy

Our client needed a way to stand out from the rest of the crowd in trade print. So, we went well beyond conventional ad units with unusual inserts and gatefold covers, making sure that Integrative Therapeutics was the first thing healthcare professionals saw.


With a new brand identity and category architecture, the Integrative Therapeutics collateral had a consistent look that was clean, modern and professional.

Customer Relationship Management

Using data for finding, converting and developing customers is the heart of CRM. We helped Integrative find new customer segments, implement direct marketing to build new relationships and remarket to those customers. We worked side by side with the in-house marketing team to set campaign goals, refine lists through modeling and analytics, plus drive ROI.

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