Return on Ideas


Warm season trackable arrivals were up nearly 50% year over year. In addition, web traffic to VISITMT.COM reached an all-time high during this time period, as did social media engagement and followers. 


Beautiful. Inspirational. These are the essentials. We added a search bar as the headline to align with the campaign theme and an embossed map because people love to know the location of stunning photographs. 


Expansive ads in high-profile magazines such as Family Fun, Real Simple, Runners World, and Wall Street Journal Magazine generated millions of impressions and strategically reached our family and educated traveler audiences. 


Three TV ads gave viewers a front-row seat to the beauty of Montana, featuring a family learning how to fly fish Montana’s serene waters, a couple discovering the truly open road and an adventure in hiking, biking and trail running. 


Custom articles and galleries on popular travel websites took readers on epic road trips through Montana, delivering high engagement.


Research showed that people in neighboring states were more likely to visit Montana. We just had to push them in our direction. Strategically placed billboards in 9 neighboring cities did just that. Each echoed the campaign. 


VISITMT.COM visitors love trip ideas, so we decided to bring the road trip to them. A dynamic and creative Facebook Canvas allowed would-be travelers to swipe and click their way through a 6-day road trip featuring amazing adventures, stunning scenery and charming towns. 


High-profile feature stories and blogger partnerships helped drive awareness of Montana to unprecedented levels. They included the Discover Your #MontanaMoment video series, which featured inspiring stories of adventure for people living in and visiting Montana.


Web goers were invited to explore Montana’s many activities, resorts and towns through strategic retargeting. The HY trade desk combined with advanced social targeting brought travelers from awareness to interest to action.   

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