Return on Ideas


In just a few years, Napoleon has greatly expanded its US distribution and is realizing double-digit sales growth. Brand awareness in the US is up significantly for the company,

and Napoleon’s websites are up across the board in sessions, users and page views.


Fact: Men love gear (i.e. toys.) And men are envious of anyone who has nicer gear than they do. This spot plays off that envy with an engaging product demo — with a twist.

Media Strategy

52% of our audience are loyal, steady viewers of ESPN. So, we formed a unique partnership with the Worldwide Leader, including promotions like the “Sizzle Zone” segment on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight.”

Research Study

The kitchen has evolved. And moved outdoors. To understand what people want in an outdoor kitchen, HY conducted a research study, which was published in “Qualified Remodeler.

Display Advertising

We’re taking this thing over. During the key spring selling season, Napoleon owned the Major League Baseball page at with a digital takeover.


Napoleon has unique features that put the competition to shame. Grill Enthusiasts could read all about it in these longer format magazine ads.

Earned Media

This program helped get key third-party endorsements including product reviews and editorial coverage on leading sites. The coverage helped generate millions of extra impressions heading into the critical summer grilling season.

Media Coverage

Site SessionsSite UsersSite Pageviews


Advertising works. And we have the metrics to prove it. Traffic to the website more than doubled during the campaign and there was a corresponding leap in sales.

Dealer Engagement

The campaign got consumers fired up. Equally important was engaging the dealer base with a piece outlining a full calendar year of support.

Brand Identity

We put the old logo on a protein diet and created something a little sleeker and more modern. It’s just the right look for a lean, mean grilling machine.

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