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Since teaming up, Wahl Pet sales have more than doubled, with marketing contributing as one part of an integrated sales effort.


The Internet is overrun with dog photos and dog videos. But Wahl was the first to create a website devoted specifically to the care and grooming of dogs. The site included a pull-down menu that offered step-by-step grooming advice for all 177 AKC recognized dog breeds.

Earned Media

To help promote Wahl’s line of shampoos, we developed the Wahl Dirty Dogs photo contest in 2012. Shelters nationwide share before and after photos of their dogs for the chance to win $5,000 for their shelter. The contest generates tons of media coverage and provides shelter dogs with the grooming products necessary to look their best and find new homes.

Media Strategy

Research showed that dog owners were more likely to groom at home when they learned of the enhanced bond that comes from grooming. So, we shifted the media mix from primarily digital banners to the lead vehicle of premium video sponsorships on sites like The new media mix with a Wahl video showing this bond created a click-through-rate 10X higher than industry average and a cost-per-click that was 80% below goal.


Metrics showed that expert articles like, “3 Rules for Bringing Home a New Puppy,” were creating a high amount of traffic on So we re-designed the “Expert Advice” page to feature Wahl products higher on the page. After optimization, the data showed that clicks to products pages from “Expert Advice” pages increased 38% and “Buy Now” conversions increased 37%.

Earned Media

The media relies on experts for coverage. And as more TV stations were looking to pet experts for news programming, we made sure those experts had Wahl in mind. We partnered with petrendologist Charlotte Reed, celebrity groomer Jorge Bendersky and Animal Planet’s Andrea Arden to promote Wahl’s products as part of their product roundups. The result: Dozens of national and local TV segments featuring Wahl.

Earned Media

We partnered Wahl with, plus photographer Seth Casteel and celebrity groomer Jorge Bendersky to educate pet shelters on the best way to groom and photograph their dogs — to help these dogs get adopted. The “One Picture Saves a Life” program helped dogs find new homes, and the national coverage helped raise awareness for Wahl and its pet grooming products.

Social Media

If there is one thing folks love, it’s sharing photos of adorable puppies on social media. To increase engagement with Wahl Pet on Facebook, we created #puppylove, a weekly photo and meme effort. The combination of cute photos and relevant content generated more than 60,000 likes, shares and web visits in less than two months.

Web Videos

There are lots of ways to help people learn something new. Like, diagrams or PowerPoint presentations. This Web video uses a cartoon and a song. The playful lyrics made learning fun. The takeaway on grooming: when you brush, bathe or clip your dog, you know them better.

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