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By carefully-chosen sponsorships and a focus on high performing medial, HY has helped the Wisconsin Lottery expand ticket sales by an average of $31.7 million over the past four years – without resorting to luck. 

Partnership with Major League Baseball

We partnered with the Milwaukee Brewers and connected the biggest moment in baseball –– the home run –– to the biggest moment in lotto games –– the Powerball. Brewers home runs were followed on FOX Sports telecasts and live radio broadcasts with the signature line, “Now, that’s a Powerball!”


The Lottery also partnered with to create the Powerball Home Run Leader Board. Fans were able to track the tally of their favorite Brewer and see video replays as hanging curveballs got turned into Powerballs.


The Milwaukee Brewers Game Day program includes a reminder that even the minimum Powerball jackpot starts at $40 million. These ads also include the odds of someone hitting a single or connecting with the big prize.

Miller Park Sponsorships

A great offense can’t rely on home runs alone. As part of a complete package, the Lottery owned multiple touch points within Miller Park. These included Powerball jackpot awareness boards in left field as well as a sponsored Guess the Attendance video.


Baseball is a game with a lot of traditions –– many of them with unexplained origins. The Powerball “Know your Baseball History” campaign is an entirely tongue-in-cheek look at how some of these traditions, like the seventh-inning stretch, came to be.


The Green Bay Packers scratch tickets offered an amazing top prize: a Lambeau Field suite for the winner and 24 of their closest family and friends. The TV spot imagined how a potential winner might go about drafting their top 24 suite mates, just like the NFL draft.

Social media

A social campaign, #DraftYourPack, encouraged people to share who they would invite to their Lambeau Field suite. Uploaded photos were featured on Lottery outdoor boards throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Social Media

Megabucks is a lotto game available only in Wisconsin. To celebrate this unique local flavor, Megabucks sponsored the starting lineup of our other favorite bucks.

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