Hoffman York Opens Montana Office

We’re opening a Montana office. 

“Since working with our newest client, Montana Tourism and Business Development last year, we determined that an office in Helena would not only provide greater support for Montana Tourism it would also serve as a great base of operation to grow our footprint in the west,” said Troy Peterson, Hoffman York CEO.

The office is located in the Power Block building at 7 West 6th Avenue in Helena, Montana.  HY will take residence May 1 and the office will open May 2.

“While we are constantly evaluating our performance with clients, the first year in the agency client relationship is critical.  With that in mind, we determined that we could optimize our performance for Montana Tourism with a great local presence,” added Peterson.

With a new office in the west, we plan to grow the office with additional business with clients based in Montana and the western U.S.

“We are passionate about Montana. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world, why wouldn’t we want to be here,” said Peterson.  “We are thrilled to be starting and growing a Montana business,” he added.

HY will continue to work with the Great Falls-based digital agency, Shortgrass.

In the last 20 years we’ve had offices in Los Angeles, Louisville, Minneapolis, and most recently our Chicago office, HY Connect.  The Montana office will be HY’s second location in operation today.