Outer Banks Visitors Bureau


The Right Content at the Right Time

There is something on the Outer Banks for almost everyone – but planning a trip for a family with young children can vary greatly from a trip with girlfriends. Whatever the goal, we needed to help visitors plan their trip by serving the right email content to the right audience at the right time.

Example of an Outer Banks interest category email.

List Segmentation

We developed email workflows for six categories: Families, Fishing, Camping/RV, Arts, History & Culture, Active Vacationer, and Foodie. To segment users, we leveraged data based on website visits and the specific interests users marked on a newsletter sign-up form.


From there, we simply had to serve the content users were searching for, straight to their inbox, when they were already searching for it. Our strategy worked – audiences were more engaged with the content that interested them.

Chart comparing the general newsletter performance with the workflows performance.

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