Lifting Montana Tourism with Social Media

Here at Hoffman York, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of marketing, always looking for innovative ways to put our clients on top. One of our recent social media campaigns for the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development (MOTBD) featured a Facebook Canvas ad that combined 360 video, panoramic images, cinemagraphs and more to bring winter sports enthusiasts to the mountains of Montana. Facebook noticed and featured our campaign as a success story on their website.

The Challenge

Montana is known for its spectacular, unspoiled nature, vibrant and charming towns, breathtaking experiences and warm hospitality. It offers some of the best skiing around, but has not gotten the same recognition as some other winter destinations.  

The Strategy

Take potential visitors on an immersive journey through Big Sky Country and its top-tier winter attractions by developing the first-ever Canvas ad to promote state tourism. 

Beautiful imagery and video came to life like never before as ski enthusiasts were invited to tilt left and right across panoramic photos featuring gorgeous  mountain tops, take a virtual chair-lift ride up the mountain courtesy of 360 video, swipe through carousel images and cinemagraphs to see more activities, and select food and drink and lodging options.

We used Facebook’s advanced targeting options to zero in on winter skiers and enthusiasts with a passion for travel and later retargeted people who viewed the Canvas, furthering the brand connection among those who engaged with our campaign.  


The Results

The two-week campaign successfully showed skiers why Big Sky Country is a great winter destination. Comparatively, the campaign achieved:

·       7.5X higher click-through rate

·       2.6X lower cost per click with Canvas compared to typical Facebook ads

·       19X higher click-through rate to VISITMT.COM from Canvas

“Canvas enabled us to tell a story as big and diverse as Montana in a captivating way. Facebook’s 360 video, tilt-to-pan creative and cinemagraph integration let us paint Montana’s story in a way other platforms couldn’t. Precise targeting and in-depth metrics helped us optimize to reach peak engagement,” Raylee Honeycutt, consumer marketing manager, MOTBD.

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