What’s the Secret to Reaching Millennial Moms?

There are 83.1 million people classified as millennials. In this generation born between 1982 and 2002, 46% of women are also classified as “mom.” A generation turned buzzword, millennials have been accused of killing just about every industry in the book: diamonds, chain restaurants, cereal, cable television, housing and the list goes on. However, we don’t think millennials are ruining the world. In fact, they might just be saving it.

Whether shopping for a Mother’s Day gift, a birthday present or just groceries, today’s millennial mom is fierce, she’s frugal, she’s fashion-forward and she’s supporting brands that give back. So much so, in fact, that 9 out of 10 prefer to buy from brands who use cause marketing. What is it about today’s socially conscious millennial moms that marketers need to know?

She’s Fierce:

Millennial moms are busy. Around 71% are working outside of the home. Turning a to-do list into a to-done list can be a blissful accomplishment for these busy ladies. Millennial moms are prone to giving back, especially when it can be done in a “two birds, one stone” scenario. With more than $750 billion in annual spending, millennial moms are 54% more likely to choose a brand that supports a reputable cause she cares about. It is not surprising that these moms tend to strongly support causes related to children compared to millennials without children who tend to support the arts. By shopping to support a cause, millennial moms gain the joy of shopping, the compassion of giving back and the satisfaction of scratching something off their to-do list.

She’s Frugal:

Super Millennial Mom

Millennial moms are bargain hunters, from clipping coupons to scouring the internet for discount codes. Though she is certain to find a great sale, she is often willing to pause the penny-pinching for a bigger cause. Millennial moms are even willing to switch brands 93% of the time in order to support a cause. This can include:

1.Brands that donate product “buy one, give one”

2.Brands that are openly environmentally conscious

3.Brands that operate transparently

She’s Fashion-Forward:

Millennials are trendsetting—they’re recommending and sharing and the power of this influence should not be underestimated. To win over today’s millennial moms, it’s important for brands to give back, but it’s just as important that they do it genuinely and they do it first.

TOMS, for example, donates a pair of shoes for every pair purchased. Shortly after, Sketchers tried to piggyback on this success by making a near identical, less expensive version of TOMS called BOBS. Yeah, that didn’t go over well with millennials. There are plenty of great ways to give back. Brands should focus on finding their niche, not someone else’s. TOMS success with millennials allowed for the cause-motivated brand to rise above Nike in favorability.

These fierce, frugal, fashion-forward ladies are taking the world (and the marketplace) by storm. And when it comes to advertising, you better understand her better than any horoscope ever could. How can cause marketing to millennial moms help your brand succeed?

Hoffman York, a full-service advertising agency located in Milwaukee, Wis., has used the power of cause marketing for a variety of clients and campaigns. Learn how HY and Wahl turned a simple pet shampoo launch into an annual doggie makeover initiative that has helped more than 50,000 shelter dogs get cleaned up and adopted. To contact us, email [email protected].

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