Napoleon Campaign Brings Heat To Grilling Season

Time has finally sprung forward, the days are longer and the temperatures less frigid. Grill masters across the country are heading to their garages and backyards to rip off weathered grill covers and fire up for 2018’s first grilled meal. That old grill isn’t as shiny or glorious as it was just a few summers back. As someone who knows the art of medium-rare, this isn’t your first BBQ… so why are you still using your first barbeque?

Upgrading your grilling game is the concept behind Napoleon Grills' new 2018 integrated marketing campaign, their second campaign in the U.S. Here’s how Hoffman York helped Napoleon attract the grill masters.

Meal Prep: Research

Based on proprietary research, we found that people purchasing Napoleon Grills aren’t just grillers, they are grill masters. To understand the upgrade, we had to first understand the predecessor. The key selling point of a first grill? Cheap. These grills, whether gas or charcoal, were not purchased to make homemade jerk chicken or a juicy NY strip steak, they were purchased to make burgers, hot dogs and brats. As these grill novices aged, their pallets and skillsets matured. And although that grill holds some fond memories, grill masters know it’s time to make an upgrade.

Course 1: TV Spot

The TV spot uses humor to draw grill masters into the story of a middle-aged family-man in desperate need of an upgrade. As he walks through his house, he alludes to a different kind of upgrade. The campaign broke on ESPN 2 in March with the full campaign kicking off in April on ESPN, Golf Channel, NBC Sports, MLB Network and History Channel. The ad will run through early June. Watch the full spot below.

Course 2: Digital

To accompany the television campaign, we placed digital banners featuring a perfect medium rare steak promoting the idea of upgrading your grill game. The goal of these banners is to continue to grow U.S. brand awareness. The programmatic buy is being handled by HY’s Trade Desk.

Course 3: Paid SocialSteak on Napoleon Grill

Along with Napoleon’s digital presence, clever social posts will target grill masters. This social presence will increase frequency and brand awareness with Napoleon’s primary audience of grill masters.

Course 4: Earned Media

The campaign’s upgrade message is also being carried through Napoleon’s public relations strategy to align with the spring media launch. Earned media tactics supporting the campaign include developing and distributing media pitches, feature stories, press materials and more.

Dessert: A Tasty Partnership

Napoleon teamed up with the Golf Channel to create a highly shareable recipe video through Buzzfeed Tasty. This time-lapse video will guide grill masters through a three-course meal with step-by-step directions. 


To view more of our work with Napoleon Grills, check out our case study. Feel free to grill us with any questions, comments or business inquires by emailing [email protected].

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